4 tips on choosing the right tyre for your car

Published : 07/23/2017 15:54:55
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Choosing the correct tyre is an essential part of your car’s safety and will also maximise performance. There are so many tyres on the market it can be overwhelming when choosing the correct one for your vehicle. The following tips may be helpful if its time for you to invest in new tyres:

Tyre size

To get acquainted with the exact size of your tyre, you need to check out your owner’s manual. It is essential you know the size as a smaller sized tyres than you actually need may decrease your vehicle’s safety while driving.  If you are considering changing your tyre size, you ought to check this aspect with your mechanic first, to make sure you won’t be dealing with other potential problems.


Consider what kind of driver you are

Consider your driving needs, do you constantly drive long-distance or, on the contrary, short-distance drives around the town. If you’re driving an SUV, you ought to look at SUV tyres that are ideally created for this kind of vehicles. On the other hand, if you own a sports car, then the high-speed tyres are designed for such driving conditions. You should be rotating your tyres regularly (which helps ensure that all the tyres wear evenly and last longer), you should seek out a more durable set if you find your tyres tend to wear out more quickly than average.


Decide whether you need to purchase a spare


You may only need four new tyres to meet your immediate needs, but it’s a good idea to strongly consider purchasing a spare.

Increase your knowledge of tyres

It’s always a good time to increase your driving knowledge and learn more about your car and its parts and maintenance needs. By doing your research you will be able to decode what all those numbers and letters mean along a tyre’s rim, you’ll find it much easier to quickly search and shop for what you need.


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