- Experiencing vibration or shaking from steering wheel?

- Tyres don’t seem to be lasting very long?

It is likely that your alloy wheel is suffering from damage. You might have hit a ‘pothole plaque’ or may have herbed wheel as a consequence of either clipping the herb at some speed or a gentle scrape when parking. 

 Out of shape wheels are not safe to drive, will destroy tyres and can cause serious damage to both the steering and suspension components of your vehicle.In their worst form they will not hold air or lose air rapidly. 


Due to the massive increase in demand for this service BudgetTyres have invested in a high tech specialist straightening machine that uses a hydraulic press to ease out the damage.


The deformed section is determined by centring the wheel on the hub of the machine slowly rotating it and measuring the shape with a dial guage.

Once the damaged area is located we heat this and the surrounding area to avoid the possibility of it cracking under pressure. We then use the hydraulic ram to gently push out this damage until the wheel runs true.

The operator uses their skill to determine the correct balance of heat and pressure required to transform the wheel back to its correct shape.

The process of straightening a wheel involves considerable forces being applied to the wheel and we cannot guarantee that the wheel will not crack as a result. We will apply our skill and experience but it is possible that the wheel will not be repairable.

Price: from 60€